2015 – The Highlights

A belated happy new year all!

So 2015 happened.

It was a manic year for various reasons but I was glad to still get a fair bit done, not as much as I would have liked but there were a few sites ticked off the ever growing “list”, a fair share of fails but also a few unexpected surprises aswell.

2015 saw me start to veer away a bit from the derelict and abandoned sites that had kept me busy previously as I started to explore more of London’s rooftops and infrastructure. There was still a scattering of derp here and there (a couple feature below) but generally there was far too much on offer in the city that was keeping me busy.

Alot of the places either didn’t really warrant a full post of their own or I didn’t get enough photos I was happy with through a combination of either laziness, rushing for a last train or an over-indulgence of tinned alchoholic beverages. It’s not really about the photos though and despite not always coming away with as many as I would have liked the experiences, fun times and good company more than made up for it.

So, without further ado, here’s a small collection of some of my personal favourites from 2015

Pickled What?

Got Wood?


FP Res 6

Aerial View

Lecture Theatre 2

Reel Deal

Crossed Wires

Red Stripe & City Light

Go To Your Happy Place


Gas Gas Gas

Mind Your Head

Dome Alone

Cheese & Pickle

Reach For The Lasers


Legal High

High Cholestorol

It's In Our DNA

Amateur Dramatics

Take It All In

Guilty As Charged


Chicken Club

The Poor Man's Belgravia

Deep Down

Forgive Us Our Trespasses


Stand Tall

Hopefully 2016 brings just as many, if not more, successful jaunts. I also shot a ton of video, (probably more so than taking photos) which I aim to do something with once I have a quiet patch and a laptop that isn’t a total dick and can actually handle video editing.

So stay tuned and have a banging 2016 people.

All pictures ©whogoesthere.net 2016


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